Bounce handling

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What is bounce handling?

In fact, you already know what it is. “Delivery Status Notification (Failure)” you know it right?
In short, sometimes, after sending an email, you receive one saying your message hasn’t been delivered for some reason. Vacation/Auto-reply message, your email has been blocked by the recipient email server, receiver email address doesn’t exist and so on…

What are the risks?

You will start being considered as SPAM by mail servers as you’re getting too many bounce emails. If you don’t optimize this then your emails won’t be received anymore. It’s that simple!

How AcyMailing can help?

Bounce handling feature allows to stop sending emails to invalid recipients and stop receiving bounces to not be considered as SPAM.

Here are some actions you will be able to define:
– Delete a user from your receivers when its email address doesn’t exist
– Forward the message to your email address when it is a Vacation/Auto-Reply message
– Unsubscribe users from the list
– So many more …

Bounce Handling